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Birthdate:Feb 8
His name is Andriel, yes, Andriel. He is from a universe where Sephiroth did not go mad, did not destroy Nibelheim, and, thus, didn't need to take over the clone that had been tucked conveniently away in the labs by Hojo. Andriel is said clone, several years after having been set loose and found by an elderly woman.

He isn't Sephiroth. He smiles, he touches, needs the touch to stay grounded actually, he has a sense of humor, and an intense dedication to politeness. Many of those traits were helped along by the woman who found him, as the first things he really remembers are touch and a sense of being taught what was and wasn't the correct way to go about things.

He picked those up even before he figured out how to talk, which took over a year after he was aware to accomplish.

He doesn't really fight, though he can, and is stronger than the average person, having used that to fight monsters for villages when he was held up for funds when he was still roaming. This was before he found his lover and mother of his children, a Kitsune version of Zack from another dimension.

One distinct trait of him is his artwork. His strength helps him be able to carve figures out of stone, usually in rocks that are more pleasing for their appearance than their technical value, gems and semi precious gems rarely being used in his pieces. When he's in a project, good luck distracting him.

His hair is short, relatively at least, almost to his chin and just shy of the right length to reach behind his ears when pushed out of his face, so that's one distinct difference in and of itself, appearance wise. He isn't overly fond of leather, though admits that leather pants have better chances of surviving exuberant clawed children, he has four, all are Kitsune pups, and so tends to wear it.

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